AMO Update r10238

Yes, we are over 10,000 commits in our subversion repository. This last update for AMO trunk includes the following fixes, among others:

  • Update sk locale from bug 367271
  • Improving install experience for non-browser apps (bug 401272, r=clouserw)
  • adding GUID to categories RSS feed to enable feed readers to distinguish fresh items from old ones (bug 411834)
  • merging new strings from Thunderbird install experience fix (r9576, bug 401272) into all other locales
  • fixing “all versions” RSS feed, bug 392183
  • Fix bug 394590
  • Fix bug 378782
  • Total download counting in maintenance script; bug 409341; r=morgamic
  • Adding pt_PT locale from bug 391197
  • Update pt-BR locale from bug 380221
  • Update zh-CN locale from bug 407472
  • fixing data sanitization for UTF-8 characters: bug 412580, r=laura
  • Adding support for application wildcards in categories; bug 408525; r=clouserw
  • adding test for UTF-8 sanitization (bug 412580)
  • fixing pagination sanitization, bug 412580, r=fligtar
  • Checking in reviewcount column and maint script from bug 408680.
  • Firefox 3 additem notices; bug 406898; r=morgamic
  • fix bug 415085
  • Fixing sanitization of discussion dates on addons detail page (bug 414541)
  • Unflag sr-flagged add-on; bug 371214; r=fwenzel
  • minor change to bin database class; bug 409341; r=morgamic
  • Checking in review count column stuff from 408680. r=fwenzel.
  • fixing memcaching for select queries that start with whitespace (bug 416403, r=morgamic)
  • Update fr locale from bug 366239

I want to thank everyone on the AMO team for their hard work, especially localizers who have worked really hard to port AMO to their native language. 2008 is already turning out to be a great year — let’s keep it up!

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