AMO 3.4.3 update scheduled for June 5th

Due to the holiday on Monday we’re going to delay the AMO 3.4.3 update this week until June 5th.

Aside from some bug and security fixes in this release we’re mainly focusing on search improvements, streamlining the editors’ queue, and making it easier to browse and discover themes.

There are currently 43 bugs targeted for the 3.4.3 update about half of which are fixed and verified. When bugs are resolved you can view the changes on As always, feel free to send us any feedback you have.

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  1. Loud Noise wrote on :

    A Quick question.

    I noticed a problem with lost style at the preview site. (Namely, . Everything is flushed left). Should this be added to bugzilla or are such things to be expected at the preview site?