Socorro Database Updates

The Socorro database, which is the main database for Firefox 3 crashes, will be going through some maintenance upgrades this week. Starting tonight, this means:

  • Report data prior to June 23rd will be temporarily unavailable.
  • New reports will work as usual on our new database.
  • Old data will be imported into the new database using an improved partitioning plan.

Reasons why we need to do this now:

  • Firefox 3 crash throughput has been about triple the projected amount (due to the popularity of Firefox 3).
  • The current database has a partition that is unmanageable without significant downtime (2-3 days)
  • The Socorro reporter is not responsive because of the size of the current partition.

No individual reports will be lost, they will be restored over the next week. Please let us know if you have any questions.

2 responses

  1. jmdesp wrote on :

    I would love to read more details about how you manage that database 🙂

  2. morgamic wrote on :

    Probably best for another post. We’ll cook one up after the db is restored.