How Download Day Succeeded

The Download Day campaign won a People’s Voice Webby Award for online campaigns and a SoFIE award for Most Effective Online Brand Experience. As Mary said, NoBox came up with a great design, and the project was a great success.

From where I sat, it was a pretty amazing view. There were many people involved from start to finish who helped make the project a success and I felt this would be a great opportunity to give you an idea of what makes up a project like this at Mozilla.

Simple diagram of contributors

  • Initiation and Design — Mary and Nobox worked hard to come up with an awesome idea, concept and design. They continued to provide insight and direction throught the entire process.
  • Development and Implementation — Ryan Doherty (Webdev) and Jeremy Orem (IT) worked hard to deliver the system to support streaming download counts as well as the programming necessary to make the project happen — database design, PHP, map overlays with accessible alternatives, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Jacob Potter and Brian Krausz (both Webdevs) helped with stats and mailing lists.
  • Localization — Our international community helped us localize our web application by providing translations.
  • Testing and Deployment — Stephen Donner (QA) verified and tested all working parts of the site. Legal helped us make sure we were handling information responsibly. Our IT group helped us deploy the application onto our web infrastructure.

As I read Mary’s post, I thought of how this project was a great example of teamwork between multiple moving parts within the Mozilla ecosystem. Not just within a growing company with many different groups, but between different community contributors — from translators to pledges to downloaders.

I am amazed at the level of participation, passion and effort that goes into our projects. We are all proud of these awards. They are a testament to the cooperation and teamwork that happens in the Mozilla community every day.

2 responses

  1. John Slater wrote on :

    Great post. In addition to all the very worthy people you mentioned, there was also a tremendous effort from the Mozilla community to spread the word and generally make the whole thing even better than we’d hoped and imagined. Watching people take the idea and run with it by creating their own related web apps, hosting parties, getting the message out online and off was incredibly inspiring…awesome stuff all around.

  2. morgamic wrote on :

    Yeah, I had downloads representing them — everyone pitched in to download and told their friends, so really the 8 million is representative of everyone else who helped however they could, and of course they are at the center of it all. Without the help of 8 million people, it wouldn’t have been the same. Changed from “downloads” to “community” there to illustrate that better.