Firefox Input 2.1 with Idea Submission

A few minutes ago, we released version 2.1 of Firefox Input.

The release comes just in time for the releases of Firefox 4.0b8 and Fennec 4.0b3. The most important new features are:

  • Idea Submission. We noticed that people often add very good ideas to the “issues” feedback on Firefox Input. On the surface, their submissions look like they were unhappy with the way Firefox performed, but instead they just wanted to suggest a way to make it better in the future. We now support suggestions as a separate feedback type in order to handle these types of requests better.
  • Manufacturer and Device information for mobile devices. The Firefox mobile team noticed that most of the time, in order to reproduce bugs or issues that people submit on Input, it is vital to know what mobile device this was happening on. Therefore, mobile versions of Firefox now submit the device and manufacturer strings (such as “Samsung Galaxy S”) of the device used when submitting feedback. Together with the Firefox version info and the actual feedback, this helps us find and fix issues with Firefox mobile faster!

Here’s a screenshot of the new suggestions submission page:

Finally, if you are interested, there is a complete list of bugs fixed for this release.

Thanks to all people involved in this release (you know who you are), and to all Firefox beta testers who relentlessly contribute their feedback in order to make Firefox a little better every day!

Update, January 4, 2011: Some people asked how to reach the suggestion form. The suggestion form is linked from both the happy and sad feedback pages, directly on Mozilla Input:

(click on the picture to enlarge)

3 responses

  1. merry xmas wrote on :

    Hi, I’ve seen the suggestions on the input board, but how do you actually get to its submit menu in Beta 8? I could only find the FF made me happy/ made me sad options.

  2. Eric wrote on :

    How is it that this feature didn’t make it to my Firefox 4 Beta 8?

    I’m also sad that only about half of my feedback ever makes it (only sad feedback has issues – happy feedback ALWAYS works)

    I am very disappointed that I was promised this feature and yet it is not available to me.

    I have a suggestion, but unfortunately I can only post it as HAPPY or SAD… and as SAD it only has a 1 in 2 chance of actually posting.

    Thanks for nothing…

    For the record, my first unposted post was about having 2 tabs left open while I went out to eat (about 3 hours) and coming back to find Firefox 4 beta 8 crashed. (the crash reporter failed to report, but did restart Firefox…

    The Browser was minimized with 2 tabs: a search result in Google, and a search result on….

    AdBlock+ kept any ads from loading (it runs all the time)

    The only other addon I have installed is Status4Eva (to replace the missing status bar in FF4.

    I dislike using the address bar for status, especially when the status is such a light grey color as to be difficult to read…

    Moving the Home button back where it belongs was trivial though, so no complaint there.

    Well, that about covers what bothers me most, and what’s OK about FF4b8….

    I have been able to run between 12-18 tabs without issues most of the time, but at random times FF4b8 will crash for no apparent reason… that’s just annoying…

    FF3.x never crashed like that with as many or more tabs left open (possibly for days) so I hope something is done.

    Also, I noted that in the Test Pilot: Week in the life of a Browser: IT shows FF4b8 used 450MB for 14 tabs on the 23rd… (being Google search result pages mostly, and no media sites, I wonder why FF4 uses so much resources)

    The same number of open tabs in FF3.6.x has been and still is under 300MB… I am not happy about that, considering my 3.x version has 32 addons without any issues of stability or speed. (I removed or replaced any addons listed in the Mozilla “addons with known compatibility issues” forum (no longer found) which solved memory leak problems)

    So, FF4b8 is a memory hog… no doubt about it.

    I can live with that, knowing my limitations in terms of open tabs…. but it’s still disappointing.

    Thanks Mozilla Team,

  3. Fred Wenzel wrote on :

    Hello! Sorry about the confusion. The suggestion feature is not linked directly from Firefox 4 beta 8. Instead, there is a link on the sad and happy feedback pages that you can follow to leave a suggestion. I added a screenshot above, showing where you can find the link. Hope this helps!

    Eric: I am sorry you experienced lag between the submission and actual showing up of your messages on Firefox Input. Rest assured that they are not discarded. Every submitted opinion (happy or sad alike) makes it to the database and does show up on the site eventually. Due to strong caching, however, this can take a while — in extreme cases I’d guess up until an hour. Usually, it’ll take about 15 to 20 minutes.