What do you want the web to be?

We asked hackers in Portland what they wanted the web to be. They had some great answers.

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Seeing folks in Portland getting excited about the web, about Firefox and Mozilla, about all the possibilities open to us because of technology — it reminded me of what a special chance we have here to make a difference.

The future of the web won’t be decided by corporations, governments or shareholders. It will be chosen by people like you and me — passionate individuals with great ideas, who won’t take no for an answer — who won’t settle.

Innovation can come from anywhere — folks that attended our event had tons of great ideas about everything — they stamped it out and put it on the wall for everyone to see. All we had to do was ask them a simple question: what do you want the web to be?

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10 responses

  1. groovecoder wrote on :

    I less than three you guys!

  2. Danny Moules wrote on :

    Viable in my enterprise…

  3. Tiago wrote on :

    Motherfreaking open for all, that’s what I want the web to be.

    P.S.: This also means there’s no viable to way operating systems like ChromeOS can work for the mainstream market. Some things will always need to be un-open.

  4. Sumana Harihareswara wrote on :

    A lovely video about a memorable evening. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. G. M. Shaharia Azam wrote on :

    I want to see that ‘Web will be open source’. It will be developed by all. Because all the people are the author of this.

    We will do for web and information will be for all.

    Let’s rockzzz..

  6. Fred Wenzel wrote on :

    The event — and the ideas — were epic. Makes me proud to see how much people care about the Open Web.

  7. B wrote on :

    What is the music in that video? I like it.

  8. DF wrote on :

    Free. Open. Without Censorship or private domain.

    It should be a field that no country owns nor can dictate, and where everyone is equal to post what they want.

    This should also include being anonymous, since putting your face to your words can be a tough choice when faced against governments and powerful corporations.

    The Protect IP act is something Mozilla should explicitly fight against, and provide a way for other internet users to jump on the bandwagon as well.

  9. Santiago Hollmann wrote on :

    Wonderful video!

    What do you want the web to be? free, open, decentralized, accessible and hackability.

  10. Steve Holden wrote on :

    … and thanks for a great party! The was a wonderful contribution to OS Bridge from Mozilla and Emma.