Mozilla interns: nothing but the best

2011 Webdev Interns

Julie Deroche seems to do it year after year. I’m not sure what her secret is, but we get the most amazing interns in the world.

Matt, Tanay and Adrian worked on important projects for Mozilla this summer and made a difference for millions of people. They were all exposed to healthy doses of Python, scalability, security and webdev best practices. I’m excited to see what they accomplish next with what they’ve learned.

In fact, before they even finished their internships Matt and Tanay won 2nd place in the first annual World Series of Hack for creating MunchyLunchy. How awesome is that?

2011 Webdev Interns

The Mozilla internship program here is special. Interns get to:

  • Work on something meaningful that affects millions of people
  • Team up with and learn from experts
  • Meet other interns from around the world
  • Have a ton of fun: rafting, baseball games, barbecues, etc.

This summer has been great thanks to Matt, Tanay and Adrian. I’ll follow up with another post about their individual projects once they’ve done their final presentations.

For now, I wanted to thank them for an awesome summer. Thanks for your hard work, making us all laugh and for making the web a better place.

2011 Webdev Interns

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  1. Jamie Murphy wrote on :

    Congratulations Matt and Adrien, they both seem to have made a great impression and proven their worth to the team already!!

    MunchyLunchy is a great idea too! I am not surprised they finished second!

    I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.