Mozilla Webdev “Beer and Tell”, March 16, 2012

So what’s a Beer and Tell?
Mozilla Webdev recently started to have a monthly meeting (every third Friday of the month), where people show off their recent side projects, cool hacks, interesting pieces of code, etc., to the group. It’s sort of a lightning talks event where the speakers and audience consume their beverage of choice (for example, beer). This is why we call it “Beer and Tell”.

We recently started recording this, so here’s the first video!

In this episode
In this Beer and Tell, the presenters are:

  • Jen: NoodleTalk, a chat app written in node.js
  • Greg: Firefoxes, an application launcher to keep various versions of Firefox working in parallel, for OS X.
  • pmac: Scrumbugs, a visualization tool to help integrate Scrum with Bugzilla.
  • Greg: The new Mozilla Webdev T-shirt, featuring a quine-esque design (i.e., if you ran the code on the shirt, it would render itself).
  • jlongster: News from Outlet, a lisp-like programming language experiment that compiles to both JavaScript and Lua.
  • tallOwen: SocialShare, a privacy-preserving way to place Facebook, Twitter, and G+ share buttons on your site.
  • potch: YABU (Yet Another Bugzilla UI), a simple yet powerful way to search Mozilla’s Bugzilla.

The video

We hope you enjoyed our presentations and join us again for the next Beer and Tell!

4 responses

  1. Bill Gianopoulos wrote on :

    We should video conference this so people from other locations can show what beverage they are drinking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Taryn Fox wrote on :

    Itโ€™s sort of a lightning talks event where the speakers and audience consume their beverage of choice. This is why we call it โ€œBeer and Tellโ€.

    Non sequitur. See recent Planet Mozilla discussion.

  3. Fred Wenzel wrote on :

    I like the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Fred Wenzel wrote on :

    Taryn: Not sure what exactly you’re referring to, but in case it is unobvious, the actual beverage is fully irrelevant to the event, and I believe I phrased it that way. Anyhow, I added a half-sentence to make that clearer.