Firefox Marketplace: April 19th – May 2nd

This is a regular post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace.

  • Total bugs open: 538
  • Total bugs opened last two weeks: 237
  • Total bugs closed last week: 159

Payments testing was conducted in the field and that caused a large number of bugs to be filed.

Some specific changes of note:

  • API for the simulator to create app receipts (865498)
  • Users languages are now persisted for Marketplace and AMO so emails can be localized (833049)
  • API now works correctly with geo location (863775)
  • App locale listings improved in the developer pages (866287)
  • A whole bunch of payment fixes from Bango.
  • Product icon API makes payment pages so much prettier (864451)
  • Fireplace shows new apps (867272)
  • Review queue for themes improved (841185)
  • A parser for the new app feature detection (862459)
  • New design for the details page (860384
  • If users abort during PIN, make them start again (867727

Payments with an icon:

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 4.14.27 PM

Web activities are coming to the Marketplace.

Check out the documentation for more.

2 responses

  1. Caspy7 wrote on :

    $0.10 for a virtual kiwi?! I wouldn’t pay a penny over $0.06!

    On a serious note, have you guys been testing with real money but just using a few cents at a time?

  2. Andy McKay wrote on :

    Currently the smallest price we allow is 10 cents due to payment fees.