Firefox Marketplace: May 3rd – May 16th

This is a regular post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace.

  • Total bugs open: 552
  • Total bugs opened: 298
  • Total bugs closed: 218

Some specific changes of note:

  • APIs added for payment status and users permissions (868030 and 868252)
  • API to allow the setup of payments for apps (869572)
  • Allow a submission flow that checks app permissions (858306)
  • Enable the German and Polish translations (868888 and 868594)
  • Signing in after logging out fixed (869664)
  • Submitting reviews multiple times fixed (871871)
  • Webfighter demo gained payments (858289)
  • Forced issuers for payments re-enabled (867729)
  • Senior Themes reviewer group created (868053)
  • Move from pyes to pyelasticsearch (857156)
  • Scroll positions preserved between tabs in the marketplace (868249)
  • Stop Marketplace reverting to US after a phone reboot (865132)

The new Marketplace consumer user interface was pushed. The Marketplace is now a packaged app that uses the REST API to populate the app. This was a huge change and makes the site faster and more awesome. To checkout the packaged app see the Fireplace app on github.

The Marketplace was also moved out of Aurora status.

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  1. Fabian Köster wrote on :

    Is there a known problem with the manifest validator? My manifest does not validate but I cannot see the reason, see this bug report:

    I am pretty sure it validated a while ago.