Firefox Marketplace: June 14th – June 27th

This is a regular post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace.

  • Total bugs open: 577
  • Total bugs opened: 244
  • Total bugs closed: 193

Some specific changes of note:

  • Some APIs have been copied to a new namespace for Fireplace because they are unique to Fireplace (bug 875547, bug 875548)
  • Receipt reissue endpoint reserved for when receipt replacement is possible (bug 881788)
  • Reviewer to developer communication dashboard created (bug 879469)
  • Multiple sorting for search results added to the API (bug 867848)
  • Lots and lots of crufty code deleted, which is a big deal to us (bug 881910 and others)
  • Fixes when accessing a pending app (bug 870020)
  • Multiple carrier billing payment fixes in some of the target countries
  • Fixes for Persona changes (bug 884360 and bug 884122)
  • Editing and cancelling reviews work (bug 885297)
  • API now shows created date and number of downloads (bug 867839)
  • Screenshot navigation much smoother (bug 887316)
  • Developed parameter on search API now consistent (bug 886385)
  • Payment setup in the Developer Hub now shows regions for the payments (bug 884443)
  • Cope nicely in the Marketplace with in-app payments that can’t be processed (bug 878216)

The performance on the search API was drastically improved with a few changes. Search performance improvement (lower is better):


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the “show and tell” meetings recently so there aren’t any updates from there.

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  1. Hammiu Joe wrote on :

    Glad to know that the performance has increased exponentially. I commonly use Firefox but the new system kind of slowed me down. I hope it improves after the changes