Enabling Communities: Iterating on the Get Involved Page

The Get Involved page on mozilla.org is one of the primary ways future community members reach out to join Mozilla and work with us to build a better Internet.

In March 2013, we turned the Get Involved page into an animated slideshow celebrating Mozilla’s 15th anniversary.

15th Anniversary slide show on the Get Involved Page

15th Anniversary slide show on the Get Involved Page

As the end of Mozilla’s 15th anniversary year approached, we wanted begin iterating on an improved user sign-up flow and telling a different part of the Mozilla story.  We also wanted to make sure our storytelling supports open web standards, so we included a sequence of HTML5 videos showing just a few of the amazing members of our global community.

You can see the updated page now in English, French, Italian, and German, with more locales to be added very soon.

What’s next for the Get Involved page?

The www.mozilla.org team is working closely with the Community Building and Community Engagement teams to build a new version of the Get Involved page to better support Mozilla’s  “Enable Communites that Have Impact”  goal.

We will collaborate with the Community Builder’s Research group to better understand how and why prospective new community members find Mozilla.  We’ll also coordinate closely with the Pathways and Systems & Data groups to ensure we are doing everything we can to help potential volunteers find the opportunity they are looking for to work with Mozilla.

We need your help!

We are still in the “gather data/understand the problem” phase of this next iteration.  If you see other websites that are doing a great job recruiting volunteers or have ideas for things that the Get Involved page could do to better connect people with Mozilla (ex:  make it easier for people to find Mozilla events close to home), please let us know!

You can contribute your ideas by either:

1.  adding them to this etherpad

2.  creating dependent bugs to this tracking bug

Expect to see the next updates to the Get Involved page in Q3 2014!

2 responses

  1. dboswell wrote on :

    Very exciting to see how the page evolves this year. Looking forward to more updates 🙂

  2. Alex Jones wrote on :

    great way to allow quality emerge from the system. I am currently volunteer for one of the add-on projects.
    Just loving the way new ideas emerge every single day.