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Finding restartless add-ons in AMO

If you’re running a beta of Firefox 4, you can install restartless add-ons written with the new Add-on SDK.  In a nod to the Mozilla Add-on SDK‘s original project name, we’re now automatically tagging restartless add-ons with “Jetpack” so that the adventurous can try them out.  Visit the Jetpack Tag and install (and uninstall) to… Continue reading

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New Firefox Mobile versions

AMO has been updated with 2.0a1 and 2.0b1pre versions for Firefox Mobile.  Alpha 1 will be released in the next day or so, so please test your extension if you already are compatible with 2.0a1pre, it is very likely that your extension will still work.  Also, the Fennec nightly builds have been updated to 2.0b1pre,… Continue reading

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Adding to Collections for the next two weeks

Since we’re hard at work upgrading the Collections feature with some big improvements, we’ll be temporarily disabling the “Add to Collection” feature from the add-on detail pages.  We’ll reinstate the feature within the next couple of weeks and you can still update your collections with the Add-on Collector, as well as on the collection detail… Continue reading

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Announcing Jetpack SDK 0.5

The Jetpack team is excited to announce the launch of Jetpack SDK 0.5. This latest release offers more APIs for you to build add-ons with. For instance, one of the new APIs enables you to access tab information and control tab-related actions, e.g. opening/closing tabs. The new APIs in Jetpack SDK are: Tabs API –… Continue reading

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Testday this Friday

If you have free time to test the new add-ons manager, Henrik Skupin from the Mozilla QA team would like to invite you to this Friday’s testday: Henrik Skupin’s Blog

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Getting your add-ons tested via Mozmill

Henrik Skupin from the QA team would like to invite all interested add-on authors to participate in this week’s testday, where interested add-on authors can learn more about Mozmill and automated testing for their extensions.  Learn more at his blog: Testday for creating Mozmill tests for Add-ons

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On Fat Plug and AMO

Recently, there’s been some discussion on our position regarding the Fat Plug ad platform and our editorial policy that prevents its inclusion in our add-on directory.  Since we believe that sustainability is a key component of a vibrant software ecosystem, it’s important for us to clarify our position for both add-on developers and end-users. AMO… Continue reading

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Last Chance to Take the Mobile Add-on Challenge

This post is by Caitlin Looney from the Firefox Mobile team. Our Mobile Add-on Challenge ends this Monday, April 12, which means this is your last weekend to develop a killer mobile add-on for your chance to get cool Mozilla Mobile swag and a new Nokia N900! Add-on developers are challenged to develop a compatible… Continue reading

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Thank you notes for Contributions

Since we launched the Contributions Pilot last year, hundreds of add-ons have participated in the program.  We know from talking to developers that they deeply appreciate it when they receive contributions, so we thought we’d launch a small feature to help express this gratitude. Now, in the Contributions section of the Developer Control Panel, you… Continue reading


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Download statistics down for add-ons uploaded after 3/10

We’ve detected an issue with download statistics that affect all add-ons and versions uploaded after 3/10/2010.  Add-ons uploaded before this date continue to accumulate the correct statistics. To stay up-to-date on the status of this bug, please follow bug 552162 in Bugzilla. UPDATE:  This bug has been resolved and statistics should be normal again.  If… Continue reading

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