Finding restartless add-ons in AMO

If you’re running a beta of Firefox 4, you can install restartless add-ons written with the new Add-on SDK.  In a nod to the Mozilla Add-on SDK‘s original project name, we’re now automatically tagging restartless add-ons with “Jetpack” so that the adventurous can try them out.  Visit the Jetpack Tag and install (and uninstall) to your heart’s content!

One note: as the SDK is still in alpha, not all of the add-ons in this tag will work with all beta versions of Firefox 4.  We expect compatibility to increase dramatically when the Release Candidates ship.

3 comments on “Finding restartless add-ons in AMO”

  1. johnjbarton wrote on

    But restartless extensions need not use jetpack. Why not tag extensions written with jetpack with “Jetpack” and extensions that are restartless as “NoRestartNeeded!”. Makes more sense that way.

  2. Mic wrote on

    @johnjbarton: that wouldn’t help to make Jetpack look better than usual add-ons though 😉 Since Jetpacks are supposed to become the new standard, people have to think that they are much better than normal add-ons. So maybe the one naming the tag was not careful enough to think of normal add-ons .. or it is just propaganda.

  3. wrote on

    The tag links in the sidebar are broken, they go to: and thus only show the jetpack tag.