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Thank you notes for Contributions

Since we launched the Contributions Pilot last year, hundreds of add-ons have participated in the program.  We know from talking to developers that they deeply appreciate it when they receive contributions, so we thought we’d launch a small feature to help express this gratitude.

Now, in the Contributions section of the Developer Control Panel, you can fill out an optional “Thank you” note that gets sent to anyone who elects to send you a contribution.  These emails are text only, and contain a link to the developer profile page for the add-on.

So if you’re a developer who requests Contributions, please consider thanking the users who help out with the future of your add-on.

4 comments on “Thank you notes for Contributions”

  1. Mark Cramer wrote on

    I like this feature a lot. Very well done, guys!

  2. Tom wrote on

    Could the add-on author be cc’d on the thank you email as well? I currently send my own Thank-you’s, and would like to verify that everyone that sent a donation has been thanked.

    This was further evidenced as I just sent myself a test donation and did not receive a thank you (after enabling the feature); if the addon author is cc’d on the thank you, then in such a situation, such as if the mozilla email is failing, then the add on author can manually send thank you’s.

  3. Tom wrote on

    When is the Thank You note sent – as soon as the donation is placed? Or is there some delay?

  4. Tom wrote on

    Hi guys – what is the best forum to ask the questions that I asked in these comments?