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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 29, 2011

Project News Shipped SDK 1.3 Landed initial implementation of the Preferences API (although this won’t make it into 1.3). Encouraging results from the latest round of performance testing for SDK-based add-ons. Started planning a new API enabling developers to create pages like the about:addons page: that is, they’re not intended to host normal web pages,… Continue reading

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Security Mechanisms in the Add-on SDK

Firefox add-ons have powerful capabilities, including the ability to read and write the user’s file system, access the network, and access stored passwords. At the same time they interact directly with untrusted web content (that is, arbitrary web pages, and the scripts they load). If add-ons aren’t carefully designed, malicious web sites can exploit their… Continue reading

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Porting the Library Detector to the Add-on SDK

Now it’s shipped the first stable release, one of the Jetpack project’s top priorities is to make it easier for people to port their add-ons to the Add-on SDK. I thought a small experiment would help me understand better what’s involved in porting to the SDK, and highlight some of the rough edges which make… Continue reading

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