Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 29, 2011

Project News

  • Shipped SDK 1.3
  • Landed initial implementation of the Preferences API (although this won’t make it into 1.3).
  • Encouraging results from the latest round of performance testing for SDK-based add-ons.
  • Started planning a new API enabling developers to create pages like the about:addons page: that is, they’re not intended to host normal web pages, so don’t contain all the chrome relevant to normal web pages, such as the awesomebar or bookmarks toolbar.

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2011-11-29 14:17:37 PST

Meeting Brief

  • Flightdeck: release this Wednesday, some risky changes
  • SDK: releasing 1.3 this afternoon, merge today from development to stabilization for 1.4
  • Discussed some new features coming up in 1.4/1.5: localization, bypassing content scripts for local content, new XPI file layout.
  • Q4 goal status: mostly on track. Mobile support is at risk: major issue is that new native fennec implementation is changing daily.

Full minutes are available here:

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  1. Jim wrote on :

    hi. a websocket api would be nice. I know I can embed a html+js page that contains websocket, but is not the same thing.