Jetpack Project: weekly update for May 22, 2012

Project News

  • SDK 1.8b2 is being released today.
  • Irakli’s scratch-kit add-on now turns code samples in the SDK docs into executable example add-ons. Try it out: install the XPI, and follow the instructions. Hopefully, when cfx-js lands, we’ll be able to integrate features like this into the SDK.

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2012-05-22 15:32:50 PDT

Meeting Brief

  • We discussed whether anything needed to be included in today’s 1.8b2 release.
  • Lots of add-ons on AMO are using very old versions of the SDK. These add-ons leak memory and in some cases may introduce security vulnerabilities. We should consider repacking them.
  • Irakli demoed scratch-kit.
  • We discussed whether the AMO validator should include tags for beta versions of the SDK, and decided it probably should not.

Full minutes are available here: