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Be part of the next Featured Add-ons board!

When an add-on receives featured status, it assures downloads, notoriety, and a provides a healthy dose of congratulations to the developer for their hard work and good idea. Many add-on developers see becoming featured as essential to an add-ons success, whilst users get the comfort of knowing that an add-on has been reviewed and recommended by the Mozilla community.

After two successful terms of add-on advisory boards, we’re once again asking the add-on community to come forward to be part of the Featured Add-ons board; and to help pick the best consumer add-ons for the next six months.

The Featured add-ons advisory board process

For the last twelve months, volunteer board members have convened once per month to review suggestions and requests for Featured add-on consideration, highlighting some fantastic add-ons along the way. Board members must commit to submitting their own recommendations, trying out the add-ons themselves, and attending a monthly conference call to discuss suitability with the other board members.

Each Board’s term is 6 months and will be comprised of 5 community members, in addition to members of the Mozilla Add-ons team.

A note on member requirements:

Members must abstain from voting on add-ons that they have any business or personal affiliations with, as well as direct competitors of any such add-ons. Members must be picked from the add-ons community: power users, developers, and evangelists of add-ons. Priority will be given to applicants who have not served on the board before, followed by those from the first add-on board, and finally from the outgoing add-on board.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the add-ons advisory board, please email with your name and contact details, no later than May 24th, 23:59 PDT.

6 comments on “Be part of the next Featured Add-ons board!”

  1. Wladimir Palant wrote on

    Dan, could you expand a little on “convened once per month to review suggestions and requests”? Are we talking about a phone conference, chat or something else? If it’s a phone conference or chat – at what time is this meeting being held? Time zones might be a problem here. Also, what time requirements should we expect? Is it a one hour meeting or a full work day?

    1. Dan Horner wrote on

      Hey Wladimir

      As per my email, the board will need to convene once per month. We usually do this over Skype, but can be flexible to accommodate other methods. Once we have a good idea of the geographic distribution of applicants, we’ll pick a time that works best.

      Calls usually take no more than half an hour, and I make myself available if there are any questions during the submission process.



  2. Dilip wrote on

    Can you give the exact description of the work, that should be expected from the member?
    Any Conditions, etc.
    Are we going to meet at some place or should work and meet using internet i.e. through forum, email, chat or anything else?
    Who is power user?
    Is it necessary to be a power users, developers, and evangelists of add-ons or should have used most of the addons and features of the firefox and have years of experience with most internet technology?

    1. Dan Horner wrote on

      Hey Dilip

      Throughout the month, add-on board members will scour AMO for great add-ons with mainstream user appeal, and submit these suggestions to document shared with the other members of the board.

      Following the monthly call, the board will then have 4-5 days to review all the add-ons that have been submitted to, and suggested by board members, and vote on whether they believe an add-on deserves to be featured (and why).

      Once the votes are in, the featured add-ons are given a final health-check by the add-ons team, then added to the featured add-ons list, and communicated through Mozilla’s promotional channels.

      Regarding the criteria for becoming a board member; please include an overview of your experience with add-ons in your application. It is not necessary to be an add-on developer, but a very good user familiarity of add-ons, Firefox, Mozilla and the add-ons ecosystem is required.

      Hope that answers your questions.



  3. Mingyi wrote on

    Hi Dan, do you have a ballpark figure of how many addons the board usually review for each month’s half-hour meeting?

    1. Dan Horner wrote on

      Approximately 17-25 per month.