Jetpack Project: weekly update for April 09, 2013

Project News

Help out Jetpack by using Stack Overflow! You may not be aware, but one of the most common sites where people ask questions about the Add-on SDK is actually on Questions are marked with the [firefox-addon-sdk] tag, and several new ones appear each week. While you are there, you should also check out the many questions tagged with [firefox-addon] as well. If you’ve got questions about add-on development yourself or don’t mind helping others, Stack Overflow is a great place to contribute.

Quick Stats

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Meeting Brief

  • we’ve landed the final work to make Panels work with per-Window private browsing, to be released in Firefox 22.
  • we’re close to landing platform support for cross-domain xhr in content scripts
  • the Firefox team dropped by to talk about collaborating on new Add-on friendly features in Australis.

Full minutes are available here:

One comment on “Jetpack Project: weekly update for April 09, 2013”

  1. Jim wrote on

    Something cool would be to be able to create panels similar to the new download panel introduced in ff20(button + progress bar + panel)