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Downloading all of your code from Add-on Builder

Back in December I posted about our plan to turn off the Add-on Builder site. This plan is proceeding as planned and will happen in the beginning of April. In the meantime we’ve gotten some feedback from Builder users, and one common request was for us to provide the ability to download a project’s entire revision history.

I’m pleased to announce that this has been done, on a per-project basis. As of today, when you go to an add-on project on Builder there is an extra button labelled ‘Download All versions’:

7 comments on “Downloading all of your code from Add-on Builder”

  1. Noitidart wrote on

    Thank you thank you!!! 🙂 Much much thanks from the team to give us this, I would have lost soooo much work! So much learning happend for me through the revisions. I would mark things with “Note:” now I’m downloading and uploading to github so now i can search “Note:” and recall and learn stuff! 😀 Commit notes too!

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on

      You’re welcome!

  2. Paul Morris wrote on

    Thanks! Just downloaded all versions.

  3. Håvar Henriksen wrote on

    I didn’t know that the Add-on builder where shutting down. Is it still possible to get my code back, or is it gone for ever?

  4. Falibras wrote on


    like to know if it is still possible downloading my projects in builder addon?

  5. Alexey wrote on

    It’s sad to hear the project is shutting down, but it’s understandable. Anyway, cloud data storing is thought as reliable and when it just disappears is very unexpected. Especially for those enthusiasts who use online tools rarely.

    The best way I know is what does Google in such cases. First, they notify their users by e-mail their account is bound to (not only project-specific blogs and news), so that the users are able to download their files before shutting down is complete.

    Would be great if Mozilla could also provide a way to download Add-On Builder projects either via Builder’s address, or via e-mailed links.

  6. Jeff Griffiths wrote on

    It is no longer possible to download your content from Builder, the site has been offline since the beginning of the month.