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Add-on SDK 1.14 now available on Add-on Builder

As you probably know, Add-on SDK 1.14 was released on Tuesday. I’m pleased to also announce that Add-on Builder has been updated to support SDK 1.14. As well, the AMO Add-on Validator has also been updated to support SDK 1.14.

The one caveat with using Add-on Builder with SDK 1.14 is that the behaviour of console.log changed. If you rely on the Error Console window to view messages from console.log, you have two options:

  1. Change all calls to console.log to console.error, which will print out scary looking red messages in the Error Console’s ‘Errors’ tab
  2. Follow the instructions detailed in my blog post from yesterday to ensure that any calls in your add-on code to appear as they previously did in the ‘Messages’ tab of the Error Console window.

We’ve logged a bug to improve this experience via an update to the Add-on Builder Helper add-on so this will not be an issue in the future.

3 comments on “Add-on SDK 1.14 now available on Add-on Builder”

  1. cklim wrote on

    Thank.. you

    1. Kamil wrote on


      I try to start use add-on builder, but…
      NO WAY to log some message to console – Button “error console” in menu is absolutely useless (on click no action taken whatever I do), console.log(), console.error() don’t work even I set devtools.errorconsole.enabled = true, all logLevels to ‘all’ etc…

      i’m desperate, please help me…
      I’m using SDK 1.14 on FF 26 (Windows).


      1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on

        My best suggestion would be to use cfx from the command-line, you can get started by following the documentation: