Add-on Stats-a-holic

Mozilla aspires to be as public as possible with its data and stats. (See Blog of Metrics) We are trying to do our part with AMO and share information about activity we are seeing on the site. Fligtar has two great posts about site metrics during last week’s Firefox 3 launch and the great work that the AMO editor community has done.

We also encourage add-on authors to publish stats about their add-ons. This can be enabled for AMO-hosted add-ons with a flip of a setting accessible at the bottom of your stats chart.

You can view all public add-on stats such as download and active user counts @

Happy analysis!

2 responses

  1. Archaeopteryx wrote on :

    Imho, the statistics should be public for everyone (including details about active versions). This would be something with which nearly every developer should be able to live. If a vulnerable extension exists, it can be disabled by the blocklist and everyone knows that not all people update in the first weeks (the same for Firefox). But this data has valueable information, i.e. for localizers which search for popular add-ons which aren’t yet available in their language, the IT consumer press (“Popular Firefox extensions”), application developers (what do people miss in the app and how should the ideal app behave), other extension developers whose extension needs another one (can they expect that the people have the version they need), QA interested people (which are the extensions which are the most userDisabled), educational stuff (trends, marketing analysis, about software distributions etc.).

  2. bhashem wrote on :

    @Arch: One of the pieces of data that I’ve wanted to introduce back into the public detailed pages for add-ons is Active Users. The concern is that some companies (and individuals) do not want this information made public for competitive or other reasons. That’s understandable.

    My approach was going to be to enable active users by default (when we add it) but allow authors to hide it if they want. Download numbers are already public on the site.

    Depending on how this plays out, we can then make most stats dashboards public while honoring author’s preference as to whether to include Active User counts.

    Thanks for the feedback.