New AMO newsgroup and mailing list

We have created a new mailing list/newsgroup/Google group to be used for discussion of AMO software development, policies and processes. To clarify the role of this list relative to some of the others out there, it’s meant for AMO development discussion, enhancement requests, policies, and so on.

The software used to run AMO is open sourced under the Mozilla Public Licensed (MPL) and is maintained under the following SVN repository.

We welcome contribution to the AMO project in the form of discussions, enhancement requests, bug filings and patches.

You can receive the articles in one of three ways:

a) If you are interested in joining the mailing list and receiving email, you can visit, click on dev-amo and subscribe yourself to the list.

b) If you wish to read/subscribe by reading articles on the web, you can use Google Groups at

c) If you wish to use a dedicated news reader, you can point your news reader to, look for new newsgroups and subscribe to

3 comments on “New AMO newsgroup and mailing list”

  1. Archaeopteryx wrote on

    Thunderbird doesn’t find it yet (yes, I pressed the refresh button).

  2. Dave Miller wrote on

    This newsgroup is not completely set up yet. Please don’t bother trying to post to it until the bug that goes with it has been resolved.

  3. David Numark wrote on

    I just switched providers for my Usenet. Just joined Newsdemon and I was able to update the groups and find the newsgroup with no problem. Thanks!