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  1. Mskadu wrote on :

    The slides are 9 megs! How about making a compressed for available as an alternative?

  2. bhashem wrote on :

    @Mskadu, OK, I’ve shrunk them down from 26MB to 6MB and 9MB to 2MB. Hope that makes it easier. Used PDF Shrink

  3. Eric Jung wrote on :

    Hi Basil,

    Great job at both presentations. The hand-written charts were so retro!

    On the AMO roadmap (slides 17 and 18 of AMO_Fx_Summit.pdf), I don’t see a “donate” button listed. Is that still being considered?

  4. bhashem wrote on :

    @Eric, I actually had that in one of the backup slides that didn’t make it to this presentation deck but yes indeed – still under consideration.

  5. Jay wrote on :

    Basil, thanks for sharing! liking the roadmap a lot.