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AMO Roadmap & Directions, Firefox Summit Style

At the recent Firefox Plus Summit, I missed the opportunity to share my slides for the AMO session due to a power outage. Ended up using lots of hand gestures and flip charts. For those interested, I’ve uploaded them here and welcome any questions or comments.

(Also, uploaded the slides from the AMO Editor’s session).


5 comments on “AMO Roadmap & Directions, Firefox Summit Style”

  1. Mskadu wrote on

    The slides are 9 megs! How about making a compressed for available as an alternative?

  2. bhashem wrote on

    @Mskadu, OK, I’ve shrunk them down from 26MB to 6MB and 9MB to 2MB. Hope that makes it easier. Used PDF Shrink

  3. Eric Jung wrote on

    Hi Basil,

    Great job at both presentations. The hand-written charts were so retro!

    On the AMO roadmap (slides 17 and 18 of AMO_Fx_Summit.pdf), I don’t see a “donate” button listed. Is that still being considered?

  4. bhashem wrote on

    @Eric, I actually had that in one of the backup slides that didn’t make it to this presentation deck but yes indeed – still under consideration.

  5. Jay wrote on

    Basil, thanks for sharing! liking the roadmap a lot.