1 Billion Add-on Downloads

This morning, addons.mozilla.org reached a huge milestone: we served our 1 billionth add-on download since we started keeping track of downloads in 2005.

Graph showing total number of add-on downloads over time

This number only includes downloads from addons.mozilla.org, but as many add-ons are hosted elsewhere, we can be sure the actual number is even higher. This is a very exciting week for Firefox add-ons, with the launch of Fashion Your Firefox yesterday, offering a new way for first-time add-on users to customize their browser.

This amazing feat was made possible by the huge community of add-on users, developers, and enthusiasts, as well as non-Firefox applications that embrace Mozilla add-ons like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Sunbird, Komodo, Flock, and Songbird, to name a few.

At 1.5 million add-on downloads per day and increasing, I’m confident our next billion will arrive even more quickly than the 3.5 years it took for the first. If you’re not using an add-on yet, try one out. They’re pretty popular.

15 responses

  1. dietrich ayala wrote on :

    what extension had the billionth download?!!

  2. Basil Hashem wrote on :

    What an awesome milestone – very cool indeed.

  3. David wrote on :

    I think the awareness of addons is spreading down the foodchain, from geeks to more normal 😉 people.

    At work I was really surprised to see that my colleagues had gone and installed some addons that I’d never told them about, all on their own. 🙂

  4. Jay wrote on :

    love it!

  5. md wrote on :

    Download Helper is by far the best add on for anything..ever. You guys need to advertise that more, it’s flawless. Firefox ftw.

  6. morgamic wrote on :

    @dietrich – It’s not really possible to tell, but I like to believe that it was this one:

  7. venkat wrote on :

    It’s a great achievement

  8. shaoxiong wrote on :

    Keep the add-ons coming!

  9. Jon Thysell wrote on :

    Does that include every time I update an add-on?

    Because every release of firefox inevitably breaks a bunch of plug-ins, meaning the authors have to make a trivial update to them just so they’ll keep working, meaning they get re-downloaded.

  10. Mom wrote on :

    Congratulations on 1 Billion served! I guess I’m one of the billion, but will have to ask my son.

  11. Jeferson wrote on :

    Cool, but what exactly is an add-on? only extensions? extension and themes? extension, themes, plugins and search plugins?

    (It is confusing, for Fx pref window, add-ons=ext/themes only. for add-ons manager, add-ons=ext/themes and plugins. For AMO, add-ons=ext/themes/plugins/search)

  12. Christian Camacho wrote on :

    Hi, cool for the thing I post it in my blog


  13. Roman wrote on :

    A billion, amazing!

  14. Richard Le Poidevin wrote on :

    Very well done!

  15. Ryan Joel wrote on :

    Addons are useful for all techie…Download Helper is also good add on for anything..