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Mozilla Sponsors the First Annual Add-On-Con

Anyone that’s been doing add-on development for awhile is sure to relate when I say that the add-on arena is aggressively expanding in a very positive way. We’re starting to see a greater number of business ventures appear on the scene devoting a huge amount of time and resources into building top-notch add-ons and extending the power of Firefox for Mozilla users.

As further validation that add-on development is a viable business, the first annual Add-on-Con Conference has been announced. The conference, hosted by add-on developers OneRiot, AdaptiveBlue & Sxipper is the first event specifically designed to bring together developers who are interested in improving their capabilities to produce professional add-ons. Co-promoter, Robert Reich of OneRiot, explains his motivation for organizing the event:

As the founder of a company that leverages add-ons ( I felt our community was missing a voice, a place where we could meet each other, work together to influence the platform vendors and find opportunities to help each other grow. I reached out to AdaptiveBlue and
Sxipper who both agreed and the first Add-on-Con is scheduled for December 11, 2008. We have lined up two great keynotes plus a group of our peers to kick start the conversation about business models,
marketing techniques and best practice in add-on development.

As expected, Mozilla is very involved in this event acting not only as a Platinum sponsor but participating along with partners in both the business and development tracks. Experts such as Mark Finkle of Mozilla, add-on guru Brian King and Bijan Marashi of Xoopit will be providing focused sessions covering Mozilla add-on development best practices and business case studies. In addition, Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Vice President of Engineering, will be giving the closing keynote address for the conference. With over 6,000 add-ons being hosted on AMO ( and over 1.5 million add-on downloads occurring daily, it goes without saying that Mozilla provides the most mature and extensible add-on platform available today and we’re looking forward to helping add-on developers learn more about it.

Registration for the conference is now open and we urge you to attend this great event. The Add-On-Con will be a great opportunity for developers to further explore how to take advantage of the add-on space.

One comment on “Mozilla Sponsors the First Annual Add-On-Con”

  1. Jud Valeski wrote on

    so glad to see this finally happening. amazing to me a.m.o has gone this long, and been this successful, without it.

    can’t wait to see what falls out!