Firefox 3.5.* maxver now available

With the Firefox 3.5b4 release, we’ve enabled the 3.5.* maxver in the AMO Developer tools. For the vast majority of add-ons without binary components, you can simply update your maxver to 3.5.* and it will be compatible with all versions of Firefox 3.5 through the release. If you do have a binary component, you should only have to recompile your code against the latest- for more info see the Firefox wiki.


3 comments on “Firefox 3.5.* maxver now available”

  1. justdave wrote on

    To clarify, you mean for extensions that were already compatible with 3.1b3, right? 🙂 Stuff that was only compatible with 3.0.x probably has more to do I assume.

  2. Surya wrote on

    Oh! Great Firefox 3.5b4 is released.


  3. Robert Nyman wrote on

    For anyone having a hard time where in the Developer tools to update it:

    – Go into Developer Tools (
    – Click on the version number of YOUR extension
    – You will then be taken to a page where you can update your Firefox version compatibility

    A humble suggestion to is to have an Update compatibility link in the Dashboard and/or one in the Versions and Files page