Thunderbird update

thunderbirdHere’s what’s happening with Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client these days.

We’re working on the Thunderbird 3 release, currently on beta 2. To support the release, we are working on improving our documentation for writing Thunderbird add-ons. Thunderbird developers will notice that there has been some housecleaning and some new material over on the Thunderbird extension area of the Mozilla Developer Center.

You can help! You can be a beta tester. Or you can dive into writing Thunderbird add-ons. Or you can help us with the documentation project. We’re particularly looking for people to write “how-tos”: short blurbs that contain code snippets illustrating how to do things with Thunderbird extensions. There are some topic ideas here.

If you’re new to the Thunderbird email client, you can download the latest stable version here. Thunderbird add-ons are available here.

7 responses

  1. birgitte johansen wrote on :

    How do I get to thunderbird on my notebook that only speaks Spanish to me so far?

  2. randall wrote on :

    question: windows 7 does not have a email client can I use t-bird for this or do I have to use the proposed windows live ( something I don’t want to do)
    or what choices do I have?

  3. jen wrote on :

    Hi Randall. You certainly can use Thunderbird for your mail client on a Windows 7 machine. Download it here: If you need any help with configuring or using it, check out Thunderbird’s Get Satisfaction support site: Also, there are lots of articles on the MozillaZine knowledge base:


  4. angel wrote on :

    Question relating to Thunderbird:

    If I create a file in wordpad and type


    Then I cut/paste this text into Thunderbird new news window;
    the show EXPANDED; HOWEVER on netscape navigator, they show replaced as one(1) space;
    I want this same functionality in thunderbird; what switch would allow me to toggle or set the behavior of when pasting text;

    (I could create text w/o , but text is being provided alreaday)


  5. angel wrote on :

    My msg above got auto edited;
    I meant to say aa TAB bb TAB cc TAB dd
    TAB = tab chr;
    The TAB is replaced to 1 space in netscape navigator, but not in thunderbird – want to toggle

  6. jen wrote on :

    Hi Angel. I suggest you post your question on Thunderbird’s Get Satisfaction support site:

  7. angel wrote on :

    Thank You Jen

    I’ll try that!

    I posted on the thunderbird newsgroup but no solution; I did received a workaround I already had figured out.