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It’s Time to Rock Your Firefox

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Rock Your Firefox, a new Web site for Firefox users to discover cool new add-ons or just learn what add-ons are all about. Rock Your Firefox will feature reviews, feedback, and insights from people around the Web who are using Firefox Add-ons to make their online experience better. Created to be a friendly channel for add-ons newbies and enthusiasts alike, Rock Your Firefox will be a sister site to the Firefox Add-ons gallery that is currently hosted at (AMO).

Here are some more specifics about Rock Your Firefox:

  • Who this is for: Rock Your Firefox is for anyone who uses Firefox to browse the Web.
  • What we are featuring: Rock Your Firefox will feature add-ons developed by the awesome Firefox Add-ons developer community. To provide the best level of security and user-experience to our visitors, we will only feature Firefox Add-ons that have been reviewed, tested, and approved by the AMO editorial team. If you would like more information on the Firefox Add-ons review process, read this blog post by Jorge Villalobos.
  • Why Rock Your Firefox:  Over a hundred million people worldwide have downloaded nearly 2 billion add-ons. We created Rock Your Firefox as a way to showcase the amazing depth, breadth, and power of Firefox Add-ons in a simple and friendly way that even my mom would understand.
  • How it began: Rock Your Firefox was originally a Facebook application launched by Mozilla in 2007 to let add-on fans share their favorite add-ons with their friends and discover new ways to customize Firefox. Although we retired this application several months ago, we liked its strong branding so much that we decided to revive it for this exciting new site.
  • When & Where is this launching: Rock Your Firefox goes live today, March 10, 2010. We’ll be talking about it at SXSW Interactive March 12-13. Feel free to stop by our Firefox Add-ons All-You-Can-Mini-Golf Meetup on March 12, or come to the official Mozilla party at the Cedar Door on March 13 to see live demos of the site.

You can find out more about Rock Your Firefox by reading our intro post on To keep in touch, subscribe to our feed and follow us on Twitter @rockyourfirefox. Finally, if you have an add-on that you would like to feature on Rock Your Firefox, send us a note at

Let’s Rock!

Julie Shin Choi, Firefox Add-ons Marketing

19 comments on “It’s Time to Rock Your Firefox”

  1. George Bradt wrote on

    “…in a simple and friendly way that even my mom would understand.”

    I wonder why “Mom” always seems to be portrayed as computer-illiterate.

    So who will be doing the reviews?
    Add-ons marketing?

    Good luck with the site, I like the retro 1970’s disco look.

  2. njn wrote on

    Why a new site? Why not just put it under A new site is harder to find (google for “firefox addons” and you get as the first hit) and it’s not obviously a Mozilla site. I thought Mozilla was trying to reduce the number of distinct websites it has…

  3. fox wrote on

    Having visited the site can you tell me “what’s the point?”. You already have an addons site that does everything this does and far more, looks far better than this does, has a dead simple name that works, is linked to from Firefox and Google and has an active community already. When I went to the site I thought it looked horrendous, the web designer was drugged up and had seen better days (not recently though!) and it just looks like a scam site. I certainly won’t use it or recommend anyone goes there as it is completely pointless and useless. It seems to be some sort of flirt with social media sites hence the pathetic design. Your addons site that you already have a 1,000,000% better and far more useful so get rid of this crap.

  4. Marek London wrote on

    I’d just like to say that, as a relative rookie when it comes to Firefox and Linux generally, I think the new site does make it easier to get useful add-ons. Still not sure my mum would understand it, though!

  5. Jack wrote on

    I don’t know about my mum 😉 but I agree with njn and Fox above. Why have two sites for the same thing, unless you want to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and have 10 sites which do the same thing but they all look different!
    Don’t get me wrong. I am a Firefox add-on junkie (have tons of disabled addons which I keep – just in case).
    By the way, I don’t agree with Fox. I think the 80s Disco design is cool!! 🙂

  6. Colton wrote on

    I really like the layout of the site! It looks very user friendly. Whereas I’m sure that my mum would have trouble getting around the Firefox add-on site, this site is a lot more simplistic!

    I do believe, though, that people would have an easier time navigating if add-ons were simply listed, rather than having to be searched for.

    Regardless, I’m lovin’ it! Like McDonalds.

  7. John Murphy wrote on

    Add-ons are definitely the huge advantage of using Firefox. There are several I use, but I am sure there are other very useful plugins that I just don’t know about, so Rock Your FF sounds like a great way to discover new, userful plugins.

  8. Jason wrote on

    Add-ons/plugins are definitely the biggest advantage of using Firefox. There are several I use (Greasemonkey, SENSEO), but I always find new ones. I just wish there was a better way to find them, much like the Apple iStore. Or is that what this ultimately will end up being??

  9. Rak Dubai wrote on

    A long time ago I changed from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox! First because of security reasons and second because of the vast number of Firefox Addons! I noticed that in certain parts of the world still there are more Users who use Internet Explorer but this is difficult to understand. Possibly they never tried Mozilla Firefox! I am extremely happy with Firefox and have much more trust in it than in Internet Explorer, not to speak in Google Chrome.

  10. Fewos Oberstdorf wrote on

    Rock your Firefox is a great new site! I love it! Simply a cool collection of Firefox Addons! This enables to create a very individual Firefox Browser! Thanks!

  11. Nathan Jones wrote on

    I like the theme on the new site and think it looks cool… I love Firefox Addons and have downloaded a few from the site already… they add a level of usability that i don’t think IE is able to match.. I read a news report only last week that FF had just trumped IE for the first time as for most popular browser in Europe..

  12. Wendy wrote on

    Having switched from ie a few years ago I really love firefox and the theme also I have converted as many friends & family as possible. However this last few months I have been noticing ff seems to be slower and also crashes more. The thing I have been thinking is could this be down to addons that are running? I do tend to have about 8 tabs open at a time too would this be a contributor?

  13. Társkereső wrote on

    I am certainly not alone when i say: I can not wait for the new Mozilla addons. So far i have been very much satisfied with their service. I have recently “migrated” from explorer and i find it so much easier. Way to go firefox! 🙂

  14. fran wrote on

    I used to use Internet Explorer. Now I am with Firefox and I expect to have for a long time. I like Firefox a lot. It has a lot of addons/plugins that I love. I have firefox with no change in design but my girlfriend has put a new design in her laptop firefox browser. I will see the site to rock my firefox to the maximun! Thanks a lot.

  15. Katy wrote on

    Awesome! Cannot wait! I’m addicted to my addons. Though I wish firefox wasn’t so damn resource intensive!

  16. enc0re wrote on

    Katy: Actually firefox 4 beta is working verywell for me, almost same as chrome.

    Hope that they get it soon ready, working great but I can not install plugins yet :/

    Anyway, Rock Your Firefox looking good and I will use it when ff 4 is out 🙂

  17. ketones wrote on

    Rock your firefox is really nice site
    There is so many different add-on that I didn’t even know

    glad that I click on the link my friend gave me

  18. Whitetail Deer wrote on

    I love firefox and use alot of add-ons but after upgrading to the latest version i’ve been getting some weird errors. Sometimes all my buttons (back,forward,refresh,stop,home) just disappear for a few minutes but eventually come back. Anyone else have this problem?

  19. Mirajini wrote on

    Good luck with the site, I like the retro 1970′s disco look.