Help us test the new Developer Tools

The AMO team has been working on a complete rewrite of our Developer Tools area for several months, and we hope to launch them this Thursday at the earliest.

Developer Tools is the area of the site that deals with submission and management of hosted add-ons, and is among the most complicated parts of AMO. Our rewrite brings these tools into our new codebase, which should result in faster performance and better cache invalidation, a common annoyance over the years.

The new tools also sport a brand new interface that aims to make common tasks very easy. For example, it’s now possible to update your add-on’s compatibility without ever leaving the dashboard view.

Also launching as part of this rewrite will be the new add-on review system discussed in mid-2010. Developers of add-ons currently in the sandbox will be affected by this, and will receive an email shortly after launch with instructions on what to do to stay on AMO.

One feature of the new Developer Tools that will likely be noticed by more than just developers is the introduction of add-on slugs. Add-on URLs will now have slugs, such as “adblock-plus” instead of an ID, though IDs will still work.

We invite any developers to help us test these new tools on our staging server and report bugs and give us feedback. Any modifications made to your add-ons on the staging server will not affect your real add-ons in production. Try the new tools.

8 responses

  1. Axel grude wrote on :

    How do we log on to the test server? My regular developer login on doesn’t seem to work here?

    1. Andrew Williamson wrote on :

      Try your old password. The account details don’t get synced regularly.

  2. Jivko wrote on :

    Same here 🙁

  3. tito wrote on :

    Here I go:

    Sort by created:
    – Is not sorting by creation date.
    – Is not displaying the “created time”

    Sort by rating:
    – If there is no level betwen the stars, sort should sort by rating first and then by number of reviews.

    Sort by downloads:
    – I think is more appropriated to sort by “daily users” that is something that matters. I don’t really care if an extension has zillons downloads, I care about the number of daily users.

    Activity : This is not working, at least for me:
    Recent and old activity of : reviews, collections, status, updates, feed, privaterss and add-on has 0 entries.
    I hope you fix this activity issue, I have 20 add-on and I lose lot of time looking into my profile page and then entering on each listing to see if a user is reporting something. There is a lot of sorting options, but I want lot of options into “recent” activity. There RSS feeds on current site display “some” of the data. Hope you fix that too into new site. To me is the most important.

    Categories of add-on:
    Noticed there is a limit of 2 categories. That’s bad. My add-on
    Is about feeds, social, communication and is a search tool, because alert you about links to the current page.

    Validating and old add-on:
    Display: Error: Validation task could not complete or completed with errors

    From Public to Edit add-on:
    If I’m looking into the public listing there is no way to edit the add-on ( a link to “edit add-on” ( the detail page for that add-on into the “developer hub” ).
    To edit the add-on I need to enter into the developer hub and then start to find for the add-on and click “edit”

    Is missing the icons.

    This page is not allowing entering the tags that have documented.

    When deleting the last vesion of a reviwed add-on the public listing disappears, saying “add-on not found”
    IMHO the previous aproved version should appear.
    If no previous version is found then maybe you disabled the listing.
    If there previous version is sandboxed, maybe look into a previous appoved.
    if not show the sandboxed version as sandboxed ( or whatever happen to this type of add-ons )

    Recent activity pages:
    From recent activity pages, there is no way to click “edit add-on”
    IMHO this same left menu should appear

    There is no way to open links in new tab,(most of the actions) all the fancy JavaScript has broken “open in new tab” browser features.

    Old logs:
    Old logs were not imported.

    Statics dashboard:
    – Redirects to homepage.

    When deleting a complete add-on I get the message:

    Service Unavailable
    The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
    Trying again show “We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for.” instead of “this add-on has been deleted”

    Missing features:
    – There is no way to keep a thread or a conversation between the add-on author and the AMO editor. There is no feature to allow proper communication between editors and add-on authors to keep track of issues and comments foreach add-on.
    – There is no version control, unable to see the difference of an extension with the previous version.

    OK, while testing the backend changed to current backend, don’t know why.
    Wanted to test if I can delete an add-on and make completely disappear from everywhere.

    The CSS style are pretty.


    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on :

      Thanks, I’ve sent your reports on to our QA team to reproduce and file bugs where appropriate.

  4. tito wrote on :

    – If the add-on is “disable” there is no button to re-enable the add-on.
    – If the add-on is “disabled” there is no button to delete the add-on.

    – When deleting another add-on the following message appear:
    Oops! We had an error.
    We’ll get to fixing that soon.
    Refreshing show: add-on not found.
    – There is no log of deleted add-on


  5. tito wrote on :

    Uploading a new version:

    – When uploading a new version the message “Need at least one compatible application.” appears and my add-on is compatible with two applications:



  6. tito wrote on :

    Another thing,
    The “compatibility report for ‘add-on X'” is very hidden, on new system please include some visible “new reports” or a “detailed page” with graphics or something like that.