London Add-on SDK Workshops: slides!

The Jetpack team invaded London last Thursday to host a series of workshops on using the SDK. I had a great time and would like to thank everyone who made it out on such an unseasonably warm autumn evening to learn more about developing add-ons with the SDK!

We’ve posted the slides for each talk online:

  1. Introduction to the SDK ( Jeff Griffiths )
  2. Interacting with Web Content ( Jeff Griffiths )
  3. Adding to the Firefox UI ( Dietrich Ayala )
  4. Jetpack Modules ( Brian Warner )

As well, all the examples / exercises referred to in the slides are available in this github repo:

We also were able to get video footage of the workshops, and once I have the video all correctly sized for the web and synced up with our web-based presentations, I will re-post the results.

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  1. Johan Adriaans wrote on :

    Cheers everyone! Had a great time!