Competition time: End of Year Add-on collection

With those summer days behind us and the days getting shorter, we’d like to brighten your days (that is – unless you’re in the southern hemisphere), by opening up another Featured add-ons competition for the end of the year!

This season it’s all about Restartless add-ons. So, to be considered, your add-on must be Restartless and compatible with the current Beta version of Firefox. Find out how to make restartless add-ons using Add-on Builder and the Add-on SDK, or check out the following documentation on MDN and Dave Townsend’s blog.

The collection will be promoted through the Add-on Manager, our Add-ons Gallery, Facebook, the Rock Your Firefox blog, and through Twitter, among other Firefox channels.

All entries will be reviewed by the Featured add-ons team, and their decisions will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of features
  2. Functionality
  3. User experience
  4. Originality
  5. Usefulness
  6. Performance
  7. Security

To win a place in the collection, simply submit your add-on to

Get your entries in by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday November 8th. If you win, we’ll reach out to you to let you know shortly afterwards. You can download the contest rules here.

Good luck!

11 comments on “Competition time: End of Year Add-on collection”

  1. Bradley Rosenfeld wrote on

    I entered, can’t wait to see if I’m included 🙂

    How many addons total will be included in the collection?

  2. John Doe wrote on

    Is the requirement “Restartless” or “Add-on SDK”?

    I’m just asking since restartless add-ons can be more than [1] just Add-on SDK-based (since I’ve seen places where “restartless” was used as a substitute for “Add-on SDK”, I think that was maybe even on AMO itselt?).

    Thanks in advance for making this clear!


    1. Dan Horner wrote on

      Hi John

      The requirement is that the add-on be restartless – I included a link to Add-on builder for those who are interested. I’ve also now amended the original post with more information on MDN, and Dave Townend’s blog – hope this is helpful.

      Non Add-on Builder / SDK restartless add-ons will of course be accepted.



  3. Jivko wrote on

    Is there a way you can make a theme restartless? Also what does the winner get? 🙂

    1. Erik Vold wrote on

      Afaict you just get you have your addon in the featured collection, and promoted in some other places.

    2. patrickjdempsey wrote on

      @Jivko, Themes were removed from the Recommended Add-ons list several years ago… probably to promote Personas, which are restartless.

    3. Dan Horner wrote on

      Hi Jivko, the winners will receive promotion through an end of year collection that will be launched later this year.


      Dan Horner

  4. Jivko wrote on

    Thanks for the quick answers. Btw I agree with patrickjdempsey.

  5. John Nagle wrote on

    I don’t think my add-on will make it through the AMO approval queue before the contest deadline.

  6. ongaeshi wrote on (written in the Restartless-Add-on-Competition-Rules.pdf) failed to send. (written in this blog) correct?

    1. Dan Horner wrote on

      Hi Ongaeshi – the correct email is, thanks for the note.