Firefox 8 is Coming!

Firefox 8 is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, November 8, so we wanted to remind those of you who need to bump the compatibility of your add-on to do so soon! If you fall into this group, please be sure to read our update on Firefox 8 compatibility here. Also, this blog post has more information on the new features that will affect add-on developers.

As you may know already, one of the things we’re doing to make rapid releases smoother is automatic compatibility bumps. We run these about a week after a new release, but you need to submit a version compatible with the Aurora channel (Firefox 10), or upgrade your existing version on AMO in order to be eligible for an automatic bump. Your new version doesn’t need to be approved by the editor team, but it does need to be on the site. We will run Firefox 10 compatibility tests in a couple of weeks, and email you with information on whether your add-on passed. If it passes you won’t have anything more to do for another 6 weeks.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

11 responses

  1. Ed wrote on :

    So the idea is, Once the Add-On has made this Changes Once ( and for all ? ) , All Aurora, and Beta users will test the add on they have installed, And if nothing bad happens to them, These Add On will be automatically bumped to work on stable Channel?

    I also dont get how it will be bumped? Will the addon living in AMO be bump therefore it will download and updated once Firefox update itself?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      The add-on compatibility metadata can be updated on AMO, and Firefox uses this data to determine if the add-on is compatible or not. That overrides whatever install.rdf states. So, when we do the compatibility bump, we update the compatibility metadata for all add-ons that pass.

      In order to qualify for the bump, the add-on needs to be compatible with the Aurora channel, which will soon be what will become Firefox 10.

  2. Judy wrote on :

    Thunderbird was updated to 8.0, but I’m disappointed that Lightening is not compatible with this version. With some of the information here, do I understand that Lightening should be updated to be compatible soon.

    I like Thunderbird mail program, and I was really getting used to the calendar, but didn’t realize it was just an addon

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Judy, a compatible version is already available.

  3. Brian Woods wrote on :

    Unable to open downloaded pdf files FF8

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Brian, this article may help you: If you need additional help, you can try asking your question here:

  4. Raul Gual wrote on :

    Pretty much a disaster. Only search engine available is Twitter! Fonts in Bookmarks, Tabs, Menus,etc. are messed up, blurry. Going back to V7

  5. Janine wrote on :

    I have been patiently waiting for the version that will allow me to have the Advanced image viewer on Thus far, every single new up dated Firefox version above 6 has told me that this Advanced image viewer will become disabled, and given I pay for and especially downloaded this image viewer, I do not want to lose it. In the meantime I am deprived of the improved Firefox updates. WHEN are you going to provide an update that does not disable my image viewer on

    1. Grenada wrote on :

      Hi Janine, The loss of the Advance Image Viewer function with the Firefox upgrade has frustrated thousands of Ancestry subscribers. You are not alone. We are all hoping that this can resolved in the upcoming year.

  6. Eurocityrentacar wrote on :

    i waiting for new firefox

  7. David wrote on :

    I have been on Firefox 8 for about a month but memory consumption is my primary problem with stuttering video being a secondary problem. I surmise there are memory leaks at play. Testing on Chrome 15, the same videos do not stutter. So, I took an update to Firefox 9 to see if any better.