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Missing add-on usage data for 2012-04-20 through 2012-04-22

There was a failure of the logging daemon for the site which prevented logs from being written for the duration of 2012-04-20 19:00 Pacific through 2012-04-22 14:00 Pacific.
Add-on download metrics are unaffected, but the add-on usage metrics for those dates are not available and cannot be recovered.

This failure was not detected quickly because a monitoring alert failed to function properly, and the Metrics team’s processing of the log data was delayed due to the datacenter migration of last week. When back-processing of the data caught up to the missing data, the Metrics team alerted IT to the problem and they quickly corrected it.

2 comments on “Missing add-on usage data for 2012-04-20 through 2012-04-22”

  1. Girish wrote on

    Can you do one more thing: Do not add that data while calculating average scores for the various scores for an add-on, like daily average users, downloads etc.

    My daily average users count dropped to 2400 from 3300 😐

    1. Moyra wrote on

      They now this problem.
      look at this:
      Have a nice day! 🙂