Changes in Active User Counts on AMO

Add-on developers might have noticed a recent reduction in their active daily users counts on AMO. This was due to large gaps in the daily stats where the daily user count for various days was 0. It’s a problem we encounter with some frequency, so this time around the AMO devs did some deeper investigation into the matter.

Some malformed update pings were causing the log parsing to fail, leading to the empty stats days. The agreed solution was to perform stricter validation on the data before it is processed. This means that some daily usage stats will be slightly lower than before. We’re only filtering out data that we believe is malformed, so it should be a negligible amount for all add-on stats.

The fix was pushed live yesterday, and the missing data has already been backfilled. So, all stats should be back to normal now. Please check your add-on stats on AMO and let us know if you notice anything strange.

5 responses

  1. wpuser wrote on :

    Hey Jorge does Mozilla plan on releasing Firefox for WP 8.1 or WP 10? Browser selection is really stale on WP!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Sorry, I don’t know of any plans for Windows Phone.

  2. Chris wrote on :

    The statistics page paints such a clearer picture now.

  3. Michael Buckley wrote on :

    I was wondering what was going on with that. I had noticed that for my extension I was missing about 12 days in the last month. Nice to see it fixed and my user count go up 30K.

  4. P. J. Sloetjes wrote on :

    Thank you for fixing this issue, but on my system (Firefox Nightly on Windows 7), the graphs are still stalling when a longer period is selected. This was functioning smoothly a year ago. Usage is also rather clumsy in case one merely wants to check whether something went awry with some add-on. It would be very nice if the statistics of all one’s add-ons could be viewed on a single page, on a logarithmic time scale, optionally normalized to total daily Firefox usage. But I know Christmas isn’t anytime near 🙂