Friend of Add-ons: Jyotsna Gupta

Our newest Friend of Add-ons is Jyotsna Gupta! Jyotsna first became involved with Mozilla in 2015 when she became a Firefox Student Ambassador and started a Firefox club at her college. She has contributed to several projects at Mozilla, including localization, SuMo, and WebMaker, and began exploring Firefox OS app development after attending a WoMoz community meetup in her area.

In 2017, a friend introduced Jyotsna to browser extension development. Always curious and interested in trying new things, she created PrivateX, an extension that protects user privacy by opening websites that ask for critical user information in a private browsing window and removing Google Analytics tracking tokens. With her newfound experience developing extensions, Jyotsna began mentoring new extension developers in her local community, and joined the Featured Extensions Advisory Board.

After wrapping up two consecutive terms on the board, she served on the judging panel for the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge, evaluating more than 100 extensions to help select finalists for each award category. Currently, she is an add-on content reviewer on and a Mozilla Rep. She frequently speaks about cross-browser extension development at regional events.

When asked about her experience contributing to Mozilla, Jyotsna says, “It has been a wonderful learning experience for me as a Mozillian. When I was a student, Mozilla was something that I could add to my profile to enhance my resume. There was a time when I refrained myself from speaking up, but today, I’m always ready to speak in front of a huge number of people. Getting involved with Mozilla helped me in meeting like-minded people around the globe, working with diverse teams, learned different cultures, gained global exposure and a ton of other things. 
And I’m fortunate enough to have wonderful mentors around me, boosting me up to see a brighter side in every situation.”

Jyotsna also has advice for newcomers to open source projects. “To the contributors who are facing imposter syndrome, trust me, you aren’t alone. We were all there once. We are here for you. May the force be with you.”

Thank you so much for your many wonderful contributions, Jyotsna!

To learn more about how to get involved in the add-ons community, please take a look at our wiki to see current contribution opportunities.

3 responses

  1. Sylvain Giroux wrote on :

    Congratulations Jyotsna!

    It was a real pleasure meeting you at London! Keep up the good work!

  2. Aksha Srivastava wrote on :

    Big Congrats Girl !!! PROUD OF YOU! Keep up the good work..

  3. Manisha wrote on :

    Congrats kiddo @Jyotsna! You are such an inspiring kid! Great to be associated with you in some or the other means.