Extensions in Firefox 75

Extensions in Firefox 75

In Firefox 75 we have a good mix of new features and bugfixes. Quite a few volunteer contributors landed patches for this release please join me in cheering for them!

Thank you everyone for continuing to make Firefox WebExtensions amazing. I’m glad to see some new additions this time around and am eager to discover what the community is up to for Firefox 76. Interested in taking part? Get involved!

4 comments on “Extensions in Firefox 75”

  1. Kees wrote on

    Just a question, when will there be an API allowing TileTabs to have tiled tabs in the same browser window instead of the kludgy separate windows used as a stop-gap at the moment?

    I do understand the need for a non XPCOM-based extension API since WebExtensions started, but I’m still puzzled why a number of frequently used features, or features used in popular extensions are still not available as a WebExtension API…

    1. Jonas wrote on

      I strongly agree with Kees. I’ve stopped using TileTabs in the recent versions of Firefox because it’s so clunky now that it’s not even worth bothering with. As a site developer, I found the (previous, one-window) TileTabs very useful, and would love to get it back.


    I am going to school online for business i would like to be a developer for all new plateforms that has anything to do with on line businesses every aspect of new web extentions ect intergrating of labtops to intergration of windows tiles specificially intergration of google apps.


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