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In November 2017, (AMO) underwent a major refresh. In addition to updating the site’s visual style, we separated the code for frontend and backend features and  re-architected the frontend to use the popular combination of React and Redux.

With a small team, finite budget, and other competing priorities, we weren’t able to migrate all features to the new frontend. Some features were added to our project backlog with the hope that one day a staff or community member would have the interest and bandwidth to implement it.

One of these features, a dedicated section for developer comments on extension listing pages, has recently been re-enabled thanks to a contribution by community member Lisa Chan. Extension developers can use this section to inform users about any known issues or other transient announcements.

This section can be found below the “About this extension” area on an extension listing page. Here’s an example from NoScript:

Image of developer comments section on AMO

Extension developers can add comments to this section by signing into the Developer Hub and clicking the “Edit Product Page” link under the name of the extension. On the next page, scroll down to the Technical Details section and click the Edit button to add or change the content of this section.

If you are an extension developer and you had used this section before the 2017 AMO refresh, please take a few minutes to review and update any comments in this field. Any text in that section will be visible on your extension’s listing page.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Lisa for re-enabling this feature. If you’re interested in contributing code to, please visit our onboarding wiki for information about getting started.


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  1. Eric Jung wrote on :

    Thanks for bringing this back!

    Eric H. Jung
    FoxyProxy Author