Friend of Add-ons Zhengping

Friend of Add-ons: Zhengping

Please meet our newest Friend of Add-ons, Zhengping! A little more than two years ago, Zhengping decided to switch careers and become a software developer. After teaching himself the basics of web development, he started looking for real-world projects where he could hone his skills. After fixing a few frontend bugs on (AMO), Zhengping began contributing code the add-ons code manager, a new tool to help keep add-on users safe.

In the following months, he tackled increasingly harder issues, like using TypeScript with React to create complex UI with precision and efficiency. His contributions helped the add-ons team complete the first iteration of the code manager, and he continued to provide important patches based on feedback from add-on reviewers.

“The comments from staff members in code review helped me deepen my understanding of what is good code,” Zhengping notes. “People on the add-ons team, staff and contributors, are very friendly and willing to help,” he says. “It is a wonderful experience to work with them.”

When he isn’t coding, Zhengping enjoys skiing.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful contributions to the Firefox add-ons community, Zhengping!

If you are interested in getting involved with the add-ons community, please take a look at our current contribution opportunities.

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  1. Rick wrote on

    I’m running a Dell laptop on Windows 10 and its x64 bit. My Firefox version is 74.0 and my homepage is MSN. Ive noticed lately that my homepage wont center up on the screen when it comes up and I always have to use the down cursor to center things up all the time. It didnt used to be this way. I keep my Privacy and Security on Strict and that for years has kept things centered. I went into Safe Mode the other day and it ran correct and then I figured I had a add on or a extension that was causing the issue. So I went back to safe mode and one by one I dis abled each one and looked at the Homepage. No results