Shivam Singhal

Friend of Add-ons: Shivam Singhal

Please meet our newest Friend of Add-ons, Shivam Singhal! Shivam became involved with the add-ons community in April 2017. Currently, he is an extension developer, Mozilla Rep, and code contributor to (AMO). He also helps mentor good-first-bugs on AMO.

“My skill set grew while contributing to Mozilla,” Shivam says of his experiences over the last two years. “Being the part of a big community, I have learned how to work remotely with a cross-cultural team and how to mentor newbies. I have met some super awesome people like [AMO engineers] William Durand and Rebecca Mullin. The AMO team is super helpful to newcomers and works actively to help them.”

This year, he’s looking forward to submitting patches to the WebExtensions API and Add-ons Manager in Firefox, and mentoring more new code contributors. Shivam has advice for anyone who is interested in contributing to Mozilla’s add-ons projects. “If you are shy or not feeling comfortable commenting on an issue, you can fill out the add-ons contributor survey and someone will help you get started. That’s what I did. You can also check for other ways to get involved.”

In his free time, Shivam enjoys watching stand-up comedy and sci-fi web series, exploring food at cafes, and going through pull requests on the AMO frontend repository.

Thanks for all of your contributions, Shivam! Your enthusiasm for the add-ons ecosystem is contagious, and it’s been a pleasure watching you grow.

To learn more about how to get involved with the add-ons community, check out our Contribute wiki.

5 comments on “Friend of Add-ons: Shivam Singhal”

  1. Ritvik Singh Rautela wrote on

    Congo Shivam ^_^

    1. Jim White wrote on

      2nd Post: Also, Chat-zilla is now an adon. Should I download it at add it to Seamonkey 2.49.1? (Is that version of Seamonkey OK? or should I look for an update?

  2. Jim White wrote on

    How can I get information about Seamonkey features in it’s data manager. Specifically, I would like to know how permissions in data manager get set. I have a lot of blocked Domains, which I am not inclined to unblock, since many are from .ru and .de, and may be undesirable to remove or unblock.
    Are they set blocked by my AVG anti-virus? do they cause resource problems?

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      You might want to reach out to SeaMonkey’s support community:

  3. Wikikarts wrote on

    thanks for sharing . how can we import cookies in browser in txt format