January’s featured extensions

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Pick of the Month: Auto Tab Discard

by Richard Neomy
Save memory usage by automatically hibernating inactive tabs.

“Wow! This add-on works like a charm. My browsing experience has improved greatly.”

Featured: Malwarebytes Browser Extension

by Malwarebytes Inc.
Enhance the safety and speed of your browsing experience by blocking malicious websites like fake tech support scams and hidden cryptocurrency miners.

“Malwarebytes is the best I have used to stop ‘Microsoft alerts’ and ‘Windows warnings’.”

If you’d like to nominate an extension for featuring, please send it to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

4 comments on “January’s featured extensions”

  1. Jared wrote on

    Hi, just wanted to let you know of a typo in the title for the Malwarebytes Browser Extension. It should be “Extension” instead of “Exrtension”.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Thank you! Just updated the post to fix the typo. 🙂

  2. zakius wrote on

    what about newsfox and fire gestures, oh and good old Pocket (formerly read it later)?
    the greatest extensions from these lesser known!
    ah right, you killed them

    1. Juraj M wrote on

      It’s not that bad… for RSS you can use web-application (Feedly), mobile application or a desktop application.
      For gestures you can also find desktop application (and you will be able to control every app with it, not just web-browser).
      And for Pocket there is an alternative: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/in-my-pocket/