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April Extensions for Firefox Preview

Back in February, we announced support for the first extension for Firefox Preview, the new and rebuilt mobile browser for Android that is set to replace Firefox for Android later this year.

We’ve since expanded support for more add-ons from the Recommended Extensions program that we’d like to introduce to you. These add-ons will be available in Firefox Preview within the next 2 weeks.

With Dark Reader, websites on mobile will be easy to read when the lights are dim. The extension automatically inverts bright colors on web pages to offer an eye-pleasing dark mode. There are a number of configuration options allowing you to customize your experience.

When you are on the go, you don’t want people eavesdropping on your browsing behavior. HTTPS Everywhere automatically enables website encryption for pages that default to unencrypted communications. This is especially helpful if you are surfing via a shared wifi connection.

If you are worried about potentially malicious web content, NoScript protects against a number of web security exploits by disabling potentially malicious scripts from running on websites. You can fine-tune the configuration of NoScript and permit scripts to run only on sites you trust.

Concerned about advertisers and other third-party trackers from following you around the web? Privacy Badger nicely complements Firefox’s built-in tracking protection. The extension automatically learns when websites start tracking you and will put an end to the privacy invasion. It also includes additional privacy protections like block link tracking.

If you’ve said “now where did I see that picture before” once too often, then Search by Image is the right extension for you. With the help of this extension you can select images and feed them into reverse image searches from more than 20 search engines.

We’d like to thank the developers of these add-ons for supporting Firefox Preview. The developers have made some great adjustments to optimize their extensions for mobile and have been a pleasure to talk to.

While we’re pleased to offer these six highly recommended add-ons as a starting point, it’s clear that add-on developers have more great ideas for extensions that can enhance the mobile browsing experience. We intend to enable more add-ons from the Recommended Extensions program within the next few months and will be reaching out to developers soon.

26 comments on “April Extensions for Firefox Preview”

  1. Stefan wrote on

    Why not the open-source Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension?
    It is one of the nifty and useful web browser extensions, that do much more and can convert all websites in his own custom dark theme.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Thanks for the suggestion, Stefan! As Philipp mentioned, we’re continuing to build support for more Recommended Extensions in the next few months. 🙂

      1. John wrote on

        uMatrix is one of the best debloating extensions, but it is, shockingly, not a Recommended Extension.

        can you add it to the Recommended Extensions list; and then also make it available in Fenix?

        As it stands, the experience with Fenix is frustrating. If I wanted a walled garden, I’d stay with Apple or Google. I am looking for *choice* and *freedom*, not big brother paternalism.

  2. Stefan wrote on

    Turn Off the Lights have more great ideas that can enhance the mobile web experience. It also includes already a mobile Options page. And some nifty way to enable the Night Mode version, that with a long press on the current web page. Since this video tutorial:
    And it has many innovative technologies that no other Firefox extensions have for his users.

  3. Daniel Aleksandersen wrote on

    So you’re only opening mobile to recommended extensions? What about the other niche extensions that already work fine in Firefox Preview (but that aren’t whitelisted)?

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Hi Daniel, see Also, stay tuned for more announcements on this front. 🙂

      1. Jacko wrote on

        The add-on, “Dark Background and Light Text” by Mikhail Khvoinitsky, is far superior to Dark Reader.

        1. Jacko wrote on

          So I’ll *still* be sticking to version 68.5a1 from 20th January. Either open the browser up to, as Daniel said, “niche” (whereas I say “all”) extensions, or you are simply placing drops in the ocean.

  4. Omar wrote on

    thank you! I’m excited to start using NoScript!

  5. Fabio wrote on

    Popup blocker strict it would be useful

  6. Fabio wrote on

    Popup Blocker Ultimate excuse me

  7. Josh Bohn wrote on

    Besides uBO I really only need Bypass Paywalls. Without it I just can’t browse most websites I read.

    Since it can’t be in the Addon-Directory (probably for legal resons?) it also can not ever be featured as a “recommended extension”. … does that mean it will never work?

    Please don’t answer with your corporate pr boilerplate (“continuing to build support for more Recommended Extensions blabla..”)

    Only alternative then would be to cut the play store link so it does not get updated into being broken.

  8. Kreuger wrote on

    Can we get support for Bitwarden or are we expected to use your sync services only?

    1. Joseph wrote on

      Just use bitwarden client , works fine ?

  9. the digital hacker wrote on

    Since it can’t be in the Addon-Directory (probably for legal reasons?) it also can not ever be featured as a “recommended extension”. … does that mean it will never work?
    I want to make an extension for The Digital Hacker website. Can you help me?

  10. ariasuni wrote on

    So Firefox Beta has been updated to Fenix, but I can’t install e.g. HTTPS Everywhere. When will I be able to? How is Firefox Beta updated in relation to Fenix? (the version numbers are totally different so I don’t know how they relate to each other)

  11. Alex wrote on

    If you add Tap Translate add-on ( , I completely move to Firefox preview!

  12. Mauro wrote on

    It’s only me, when picking a site off your bookmarks list the list will close, and scroll back to top?

    It’s just silly, and frustrating.

    Can you please fix that too?

    On my desktop firefox I enter my master password whenever I enter a site on my list. Can a similar thing be provided, at least with setting a hash made by checking your fingerprint ?

    Keep up the free internet!!!!

  13. Daniel wrote on

    Many of my “I don’t care about cookies” and “No, thanks.” extensions users ask why they are not supported in Firefox Preview. Can you please do something about that?

  14. Edgar wrote on

    Hi! Thanks for the update.

    Please add an extension to translate web pages, either Google translator or deepl, it would be wonderful.

    Thank you for your effort and work.

  15. Hugh wrote on

    Looking forward to the new version! However losing some extensions will really hurt. e.g. “Forget me not” clears cookies after leaving the page, which in the EU means cookie warnings on every single page. “I don’t care about cookies” solves this, but if it’s not on the supported list I really can’t use either extension.

  16. Stark wrote on

    I’m sad that Mozilla kicked out ‘universal bypasser’ add-on. It is the most important addon if you care about privacy. Please bring it back and add it to recommendations and firefox preview

  17. pedro wrote on

    You know what would be really cool to add to firefox preview?
    Right now, tho i love the Ui. It sucks. Downloads disappear if i turn the app of.
    I every time i change tab it continues to insist in trying to give me an epileptic attack by flashing me to death.
    It unjustifiably occupies an absurd amount of space. Why is this thing so bloated?
    I still fail to see any difference between this and my other browser except that one only occupies 30 megs and doesn’t flash me.
    I am trying to understand why the difference in far, i wasn’t able to find any information about this.

  18. Dark Reader! Finally wrote on

    I’m so happy I can finally use dark reader with Firefox Preview! I had to use another browser at night until now

  19. Roger wrote on

    Hi, I have a bug report 🙂
    Dark Reader doesn’t work after going back to the browser when it’s open in the background, and in it’s settings just shows a loading bar without getting to the settings itself. I run in a MIUI phone but I’ve locked Firefox Preview to not kill in the background and set to not have any restrictions, but I have to close and reopen Firefox every time now.
    And I wish it killed the white “splash screens” before loading up a page, I don’t know if that’s possible or up to the developer but it could’ve been more seamless.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      Thanks, Roger. 🙂 It looks like both of those are issues with the browser; the team is investigating a fix for them now.

      If you run into any bugs in the future, please feel welcome to file an issue to!