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uBlock Origin available soon in new Firefox for Android Nightly

Last fall, we announced our intention to support add-ons in Mozilla’s reinvented Firefox for Android browser. This new, high-performance browser for Android has been rebuilt from the ground up using GeckoView, Mozilla’s mobile browser engine and has been available for early testing as Firefox Preview. A few weeks ago, Firefox Preview moved into the Firefox for Android Nightly pre-release channel, starting a new chapter of the Firefox experience on Android.

In the next few weeks, uBlock Origin will be the first add-on to become available in the new Firefox for Android. It is currently available on Firefox Preview Nightly and will soon be available on Firefox for Android Nightly. As one of the most popular extensions in our Recommended Extensions program, uBlock Origin helps millions of users gain control of their web experience by blocking intrusive ads and improving page load times.

As GeckoView builds more support for WebExtensions APIs, we will continue to enable other Recommended Extensions to work in the new Firefox for Android.

We want to ensure that any add-on supported in the new Firefox for Android provides an exceptional, secure mobile experience to our users. To this end, we are prioritizing Recommended Extensions that are optimized for different screen sizes and cover common mobile use cases. For these reasons, it’s possible that not all the add-ons you have previously installed in Firefox for Android will be supported in the near future. When an add-on you previously installed becomes supported, we will notify you.

When we have more information about how we plan to support add-ons in Firefox for Android beyond our near-term goals, we will post them on this blog. We hope you stay tuned!

10 comments on “uBlock Origin available soon in new Firefox for Android Nightly”

  1. William wrote on

    Ublock why was it took off
    If i cant have ublock add on then i realy dont need firefox

  2. William wrote on

    Noscrip is gone to, what you want me to run javascrip, so now you are going to tell me how to run my divice; OK we will see!

    1. Gary wrote on

      Hooray! Thanks to all the hard working Firefox employees! You make the web a better place! I’m looking forward to the new Android browser.

  3. William wrote on

    How long am I suppose to wait?

  4. Salar wrote on

    I don’t understand why “FoxyProxy” is a recommended addon! That addon has an absolutely terrible quality and experience.
    There are far more better addons there.
    Now let me guess why it is recommended; because the author works for Mozilla!

  5. Nux wrote on

    This is a bad approach. Just allow users to install any add-on. It’s not your thing to tell me which add-ons are good for users.

    One would think that the last drop of Firefox usage have taught you anything. That you can learn from your mistakes when doing Firefox Quantum. Also try not to be like Opera. Opera never regained their users after becoming Chrome (and dropping most of it’s features in the process).

    Your only strength is add-ons. Do everything to keep it.

  6. NurX wrote on

    please support addons Dark Reader. I use firefox because that addons

  7. Zzz wrote on

    I dont understand this “feature” — I’m using uBlock Origin on firefox for android for years now, without any problems. What is this update will do? This extension already well supported, is it not?

    Probably this extension is the only reason why I’m using firefox mobile, not chrome.

  8. than wrote on

    Google play store > Firefox > allow auto updates > uncheck

  9. A.J.R wrote on

    Hello I need help from someoneI have an unwanted extension and add-ons imbedded in something I downloaded. Now I’m sharing my mobile network/account with several devices, I can’t log on to my wifi or surf the internet as normal. There are no options to remove users or extension because the page is. Usually a shell embedded with more crap. I don’t know who can assist me with this issue but any information would be greatly appreciated. I’m just a insurance pp