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January 29, 2007

Wasting time in Eclipse

Filed under: Eclipse,Mozilla — Axel Hecht @ 5:13 am

I’ve just spent the second half day trying to get the aOW plugin to work. Honestly, just to install its dependencies. So instead of trying to find out if aOW could help me in my work, I spent some quality time with each and every UE bug that the plugin manager in eclipse has. Like, claiming missing dependencies without giving any clue how to resolve them. Googling for one of my missing deps actually claims that it’s not missing at all, but conflicting. And IBM’s calisto all package just totally broke down and just conflicts with no further explanation at all. All of this of course with numerous slow downloads, loads of dialogs, and no chance to anyhow keep the work you already gone through.

If we ever really rely on extension dependencies, we should have a close look at Eclipse’ plugin manager and just do the opposite.

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