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Why RDF?

As brendan has asked, here goes my reasoning why Firefox should have RDF, independent of what other browsers do. Or at least the part that I didn’t forget. The main difference is the extensions ecosystem that makes Firefox such a great browser. Extensions come and go, they change, and they interact with the user and […]

make this semantic

Brendan’s recent post caused a few ripples. Not necessarily in the world, but at least in the pond of Out of context, a few statements from my POV. Decisions on RDF in Mozilla are made now. There are folks using RDF. Not necessarily from JS. I’m not creating the RDF implementation for Mozilla 2. […]

sneak preview

Letting all the overall agenda aside, how does this sound? js> ds = new RDFSimpleTripleDataStore(); js> em = new RDF.Vocabulary(‘urn:x-moz:em#’); js> ds.assert(RDF.resources[document.location], em.title, RDF.getLiteral(“Some English string”, null, “en-US”)); js> c = ”; ds.forEach(function(t) {c += t;}); c <about:blank> <urn:x-moz:em#title> “Some English string”@en-US.