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Riding the Duck

I heard that quite a few folks wondered what it is like to take one of those amphibian truck tours in San Francisco. I took the one offered by San Francisco Ducks, there’s another provider called Bay Quackers. The tour was a mixed experience. The actual ride is fun, and there are some parts that […]

In case you didn’t notice…

I’ve been on vacation, I’m back. What’s the point? If you’re in to South Africa, Cape Town, Garden Route, and Fynbos, there are some 250 photos to go through.

Hello? World?

Some adds just puzzle me. This email is sponsored by: Microsoft Defy all challenges. Microsoft(R) Visual Studio 2005. Found on Buildbot-devel, though the archives strip the adds you get in the actual mails.

It’s me :)

I’m getting a whole slew of spam in my account these days titled It’s “Name” :), ‘sent’ by Name Surname. I bothered looking at the mail now, just to see what’s happening, and the messages talk about oil, and a company called Cana Petroleum (CNPM) Now I’ve been googling and found Reuter’s stock ticker […]

Back to life

As my old private blog doesn’t seem to come back up, I’ll start talking about stuff here. Not only about l10n, but even more so about the upcoming shoot-out in RDF-land.