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Can’t you graph that graph

I’m going to just recreate blame, he said. It’s going to be easy, he said. We have a project to migrate the localization of Firefox to one repository for all channels, nick-named cross-channel, or x-channel in short. The plan is to create one repository that holds all the en-US strings we need for Firefox and […]

On updating the automation behind l10n.m.o

Or, how to change everything and nobody sees a difference. Heads up: All I’m writing about here is running on non-web-facing VMs behind VPN. tl;dr: I changed 5 VMs, landed 76 changesets in 7 repositories, resolving 12 bugs, got two issues in docker fixed, and took a couple of days of downtime. If automation is […]

On the process to code

gps blogs a bunch about his vision on how coding on Firefox should evolve. Sadly there’s a bunch of process debt in commenting, so I’ll put my comments in a medium where I already have an account. A lot of his thinking is based on Code First. There’s an earlier post with that title, but […]

Update to the l10n team page

I’ve given the team pages on a good whack in the past few days. Time to share some details and get feedback before I roll it out. The gist of it: More data in less screen space, I just folded things into rows, and made the rows slimmer. Better display of sign-off status, I […]

Create your own dashboard

We have a lot of data around localizations, but it’s hard to know what people might be looking for. I just switched a new feature live, edit your own dashboard. You can select branches of products, as well as the localizations you’re interested in, and get data you want. Say you’re looking for mobile and […]

Progress on

Today we’re launching an update to (elmo). Team pages and the project overview tables now contain sparklines, indicating the progress over the past 50 days. Want to see how a localization team is doing? Now with 100% more self-serve. If the sparklines go up like so the localization is making good progress. Each spark […]

A tale of convert and convert

Or, how I made converting gaia to gaia-l10n suck less. Background: For Firefox OS, we’re exposing a modified repository to localizers, so that it’s easier to find out what to work on, and to get support from the l10n dashboards. Files in the main gaia repository on github like apps/browser/locales/ should become apps/browser/ and the […]

git-merge 2013

I spent Friday and Saturday on git-merge, an unconference on git. Thursday was developer day, for core contributors to git itself, and libgit2/jgit. I didn’t go there. Friday was “user” day, and Saturday was hackday. I figured it might be useful to go to the userday, and turned out, it was. It wasn’t all that […]

Let me shake your hand

Timely for the 15 years of mozilla, let me share this with you. I was wearing my Firefox hoodie in a store in San Francisco last week. I was trying to find out what to buy, and a young guy came by. I did let him pass, but he didn’t find what he wanted, and […]

Risk management for releases at scale

Let me share some recent revelations I had. It all started with the infamous Berlin airport. Not the nice one in Tegel, but the BBI desaster. The one we’ve thought we’d open last year, and now we don’t know which year. Part of the newscoverage here in Germany was all about how they didn’t do […]