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about:events | January 14 – January 20

about:events is a weekly round-up of upcoming events published every Saturday. Here’s what’s happening next week:


Jan 19 – Iași, Romania
This week, we’ve proudly released Firefox 18, hooray! That’s of course a reason to celebrate, so join Tiberiu Turbureanu in Romania on Saturday, the 19th of January, to have a party and watch thrilling demos of the technologies in the new version of Firefox and Firefox OS. Come visit us at the Firefox 18 launch party in Iași, Romania.


Jan 19 – Dakar, Senegal
On the same Saturday, there will be an event of a different kind in Senegal. The Firefox OS App Day for developers and designers will be an interesting event to learn how to create your very own HTML5 app that can run on Firefox OS and be submitted to the Firefox Marketplace. To conclude this event, you can showcase your app and have a few drinks. At the same time, a parallel session will offer help for Firefox and Thunderbird users who are not very technical for one hour. We’ll wait for you, at the Firefox OS App Day in Dakar.


Jan 15 – Bhopal, India
Next week, four events in Asia will brighten your days! First off, on Monday, the 15th of January, there’s a gathering of all Mozillians, Student Reps and volunteers in Bhopal, India. But other individuals who are eager to know about Mozilla and its Mission are also invited to go to MozCampaign@VIM.

Jan 20 – Taichung, Taiwan
On Sunday the 20th however, you could get to attend three different events: The day is starting with small party to celebrate the release of a new Firefox and Fedora update in Taichung, Taiwan.

Jan 20 – Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestinian Territory
But on the Gaza Strip in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, you’ll also find a fantastic atmosphere at the Hack Your Browser event for developers. There, you will be taken through the experience of developing an add-on, from the beginner’s level to the advanced level.

Jan 20 – Hyderabad, India
Last but not least, if you live in Hyderabad in India, you’re free to visit the 6th MozCafe Hyderabad, an event where Mozillians from local communities come together to talk about recent activities and upcoming projects, as well as getting ideas or feedback from the general public.

North America

Jan 20 – Tocho Ajusco, Mexico
On Sunday, the 20th, you can attend an introductory talk to Mozilla and Firefox in Tocho Ajusco in Mexico. The football team will be teaching children and teenagers interested in sport. So if you are an athlete and want to get to know more about the importance of an open web, why don’t you stop by at the Firefox Clinic in Tocho Ajusco?

Event Photo of the Week

MozTI@BESULast weekend’s Mozilla Campus Konnect event in Howrah, India
(Photo courtesy of Soumya Deb)

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