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about:events | January 21 – January 28

about:events is a weekly round-up of upcoming events published every Saturday. Here’s what’s happening next week:


Jan 26 – In over 20 cities
On Saturday, the 26th of January, something magical will happen in more than 20 locations around the world: Developers and designers will meet to get educated and inspired to work on apps and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace. This is also a great opportunity for local developers to showcase their apps. And to conclude the evening, you’ll get pizza and beer. So why don’t you come and join us to celebrate Firefox OS and start building apps for the Firefox Marketplace?


Jan 26 – Hunedoara, Romania
Now that Firefox 18 is released, it’s time to take a break and party! Just in time for that, Fundatia Caeta and openSUSE Romania are organizing the very first MozCoffee held in Hunedoara to celebrate and promote volunteering for Mozilla. Anybody who wants to join or lean about Mozilla is invited to join him at the Pizzeria Roma. The event will be filled with discussions about Firefox for Android, Firefox OS and other important news. See you at MozCofee Hunedoara!


Jan 21 – Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Next week, there will be a whopping four events in Asia! First off, In Jakarta, the start of the Firefox App Days is jumped. And thus, you’ll be able to feel the magic of the community driven event five days earlier there. Anybody is invited to go to the Firefox OS App Days Jakarta – students, developers and you.

Jan 21 – Bhopal, India
Secondly, there’s a gathering of Mozillians, Student Reps and volunteers in Bhopal, organized by Komal Gandhi. Other individuals who are eager to know about Mozilla and its Mission are also invited to go to MozCampaign@VIM.

Jan 22/23 – Isabela City, Philippines
Going to events is not unusual for Mozillians around the world, but in Isabela City, the event comes to you! The Mozilla Campus Tour aims at the students of two schools with a total expected participants of 350! The students will get to learn how to make the web a better and more open place together with Mozilla.

Jan 26/27 – Mandalay, Myanmar
Every year in Mandalay, the local IT and Engineering folks meet up to talk about the latest technology and give or attend presentations. This year, no exception is being made! The Barcamp in Mandalay is the perfect opportunity to learn about what people work with. Tim Aung Linn, an enthusiastic developer from Myanmar, will also be there to talk about Firefox OS.

North America

Jan 23 – Mountain View, United States of America
Next Wednesday, the WebFWD cohort will graduate and without you, it just wouldn’t be the same: Join our awesome teams and watch their exciting demos! If you can’t make it to the US, you can also join them via live stream. And if you join them in person, there will be plenty of good stuff for you to nibble on and slurp. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at the WebFWD II Graduation & Demo Day in Mountain View.

Event Photo of the Week

XXXA young developer showing his very first and own web site at the Youth Open Source Project in City of Santa Rosa, Philippines.

Help, I can’t go to an event!

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